"Develop a positive, no-quit attitude. It is a must have to build a strong boxing style.
Also, it is a key to victory in real battle. Adopt and develop your 'never-quit' attitude."

Trim Your Claws
Keep finger and toenails trimmed to prevent injury to yourself and your training partner - Thank you :)

Jump Rope Cardio
Burn three times as many calories as you would running. All you need is a good jump rope - the single most effective piece of cardio equipment ever invented. - mensfitness.com/jumprope

Before you Quit, Read This!

The first strategy of many who are faced with a problem is to quit. But a man who suffered such severe burns on his legs that he faced amputation - didn't quit. Glenn Cunningham became the most successful runner of his time.

And a man with less than one year of formal education didn't quit. Abraham Lincoln became the most revered president we ever had.

And a fragile boy in Scotland, bedridden most of his childhood, didn't quit. Robert Louis Stevenson became such a masterful storyteller, your great-grandchildren will cherish his books as you did.

Now, if you had all three of those strikes against you, nobody would blame you for quitting. But unless your legs are severely burned, and you're so fragile you have to stay in bed, and you never graduated from second grade, why don't you turn around and get back to work. Maybe we'll be writing about you someday!

The story of successful people, wherever they may be found - running a home, earning a black belt, achieving business success or success in any kind of endeavor - is the story of people who wouldn't quit.

It makes you wonder how many people have stopped just short of winning everything they could possibly want - maybe just inches, just one day short of victory.

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